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How To Save Costs on Patent Drafting

There are many ways to save costs on patent drafting. You can do a search beforehand; you can work on the idea with someone else so that you can explain it well and identify the new elements; you can have some good drawings prepared.

Even if you do all of that, there is one critical thing you need to do: ask your patent attorney/agent how fast they can type. If you are paying by the hour, and even if you are not, you don’t want someone who types at 5 words per minute to pound out a 20 page patent application.

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Plagued with Another Invention

The greatest satisfaction I get in this job is helping inventors. From independent inventors to engineers in large corporations, the people who create something new know the brilliance of that light bulb that goes off. Many times, I get to relive that moment with them, as they describe the invention and as I poke, prod, and try to stretch their invention to see how large it can go. In many cases, my ability to see their invention in a new light gives them new insights and solidifies their understanding of the idea.

Because I entered Patent Law as both an independent inventor and a corporate engineer/inventor seeking a way to avoid the high cost of a patent attorney, I relate on an almost practical and personal level with my clients.

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