Patent Drafting and Claim Writing

Doing the Disclosure Meeting

This is the second in a series of posts regarding the patent disclosure meeting. Here is the first.

Every patent agent/attorney does their disclosure meetings differently. I like to do my meetings in person. There is nothing like being in the same room as the inventors, drawing on a white board, and reading those unspoken but noticeable body language cues.

The disclosure meetings always seem to go better when it is in person. I think there are several variables at play.

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The Art of the Patent Disclosure Interview

One of the most rewarding parts of patent law is the disclosure interview. This is where a good patent agent/attorney can add value far in excess of the fees collected.

A good disclosure interview is an opportunity to shape the invention into something that makes sense for the business as well as sets the proper expectations for the inventors. A good disclosure meeting is also brutally exhausting if done well.

I do all of my patent cases for a fixed fee. Because of this, I need to be efficient and thorough at every step. I view the disclosure interview as the most essential step that helps me do the highest quality work for a reasonable price.

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Prohibited Words in a Patent – “Prior Art”

One of the Prohibited Words is the phrase “prior art.” There is no reason whatsoever for the words “prior art” to appear in any patent application. Making any characterization of prior art is opening an avenue for attacking an issued patent and may unnecessarily complicate patent prosecution.

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