Patent Strategy

Bad Provisionals are Really Bad

Provisional applications that are incomplete, “quickly” drafted, or otherwise are incomplete are, in my opinion, some of the most dangerous documents that can be drafted, but also speak to some underlying problems with the attorney’s abilities. The biggest issue is that there is a possibility that the description of the invention is insufficient to support the eventual claims that may accompany a non-provisional application.

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Violating Someone Else’s Patent

In response to my previous post about goofing around with MythTV, a comment was left asking if I was concerned about violating someone else’s patent by building a MythTV box. In fact, I am not concerned about violating anyone’s patent, and here is why.

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The Importance of Patent Searches

This report on talks about the Euro notes that may possibly infringe a European Patent. The patent holder is apparently seeking a reasonable royalty for the literally billions of Euro notes in circulation.

Let this serve as an example of how operating in a vacuum can be a bad thing.

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Working Within a Budget

Along the lines of the embedded patent attorney concept, I often work with my clients to develop a budget for patent protection, then map a strategy to get the best bang for the buck.

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