Why Patent Law is SO Much Better than Any Other Type of Practice

Never mind that patent attorneys make more money, garner more respect and envy from other types of lawyers, or routinely handle the most valuable assets of a company. The reason why patent law is so much better than any other type of practice is that we only deal with happy people who value our services.

Clients are businesspeople and inventors who are by nature optimistic, forward thinking, and entrepreneurial. The businessperson sees the long term value of a patent or other IP as an integral part of their business plan. The inventor, by his or her very nature, is inquisitive, optimistic, and upbeat.

In any other type of law, there are adversaries, the potential for nastiness, and, in litigation, someone generally loses. In business transactions, the lawyers are often a necessary evil that are required for protection, but may not add substantial value to the transaction.

The beauty of patent law is that the clients show up at the door enthusiastic and happy and tend to leave even happier. What could be better than that?