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Investment Grade Patents ®

We write only Investment Grade Patents: patents that are worth the investment.  What can you do with Investment Grade Patents?  Finance the patents, get loans against them, insure them.  See BlueIronIP for more details.

“Investing In Patents”

Russ Krajec’s new book “Investing In Patents” describes the patent system from an INVESTOR’s point of view.

  • How startups use patent assets.
  • A roadmap for startups to develop commercially-valuable assets.
  • How to do due diligence on a startup.
  • And much more…

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We are pleased to announce, a patent financing vehicle that gives you full control of your patents, while charging an affordable monthly fee. When capital is expensive, it makes financial sense to rent rather than buy. aligns our interests much more tightly than a conventional attorney-client relationship, resulting in better protection and higher valuations.

BlueIron is our investment platform, where we have “skin in the game” and finance the cost of all your IP.

Krajec Patent Offices specializes in patent preparation and prosecution. In fact, I don’t do any other type of law so that I can focus on this one critical facet of your business. I write the highest quality patent applications and take the time to understand the business goal of the invention as well as the technical details. My disclosure meetings are much more like design reviews, where we consider all the elements of the invention and the different forms they may take. As such, I can help you expand the scope of the invention in ways that other patent attorneys often cannot, because I bring to the table a long history as an engineer and inventor.

Even though I might bring more expertise to the table than most patent attorneys, I maintain a modest overhead and can charge reasonable rates for exceptional quality of work. My prices are not going to be the lowest in the industry, but you will be hard pressed to find a better quality patent, regardless of price.