Russ Krajec has been advising large and small companies alike on patent matters for over 14 years. During that time, Mr. Krajec has personally drafted and prosecuted over 1000 patent applications. Mr. Krajec has operated as a solo patent agent/attorney for over a decade, as well as serving as COO and Chief IP Counsel of Concurix Corporation, a software startup company with over 160 patent assets.

A hallmark of Mr. Krajec’s patent practice is the focus on patents that make business sense. While a practicing engineer and inventor, Mr. Krajec was dismayed by the lack of good business advice that he received from patent attorneys. It seemed that the patent attorneys were more interested in billing their time than helping Mr. Krajec build a profitable business with his inventions.

Prior to patent law, Mr. Krajec had 13 years of experience as a practicing engineer, with over 20 patents to his credit as an inventor. Mr. Krajec’s engineering experience included aerospace, computer component and cellular telephone manufacturing, and consumer products.

In 2012, Mr. Krajec co-founded Concurix Corporation as its Chief Patent Counsel and later as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Krajec curated a portfolio of nearly 100 patent families, and drafted and prosecuted all of the patent applications. Mr. Krajec was inventor or co-inventor on nearly 30 of these patent families. The Concurix portfolio was designed as a strategic asset of the company, where the portfolio mitigated investor risk and provided many opportunities to fund the company through asset sale or licensing.