Clients Who Call All The Time—I Love Them

One of the best things about fixed fee work is that the clients have every reason to call. I am sure that if I billed by the hour, I would have fewer interruptions and not have to ‘waste’ my time answering simple questions. I, on the other hand, encourage clients to call.

Clients want responsiveness and can’t get it from the big firms, but they can get it from me.

I actually want clients to call with the little questions. The reason is simple: I want to keep in touch with them. If they call frequently, I know where they are in the development cycle, how their business is developing, and when they may have more work for me.

Another reason is that every client contact is a potential showcase of my services, even a phone call from an inventor wanting to know (for the third time) if an aspect of their invention is covered in the last patent. Every good client contact builds trust, confidence, and I know that they are thinking of me. This translates into the word of mouth advertising that is absolutely priceless.